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Gilsonite Aluminium

Gilsonite Aluminium is a bitumen based aluminium protective coating for roofing and exterior surfaces including galvanised iron, butyl rubber, bitumen, coloursteel roofing, and other pre-painted surfaces.


Product features:

  • Long lasting. Service life commonly 20 years before only a single re-coat is required.
  • Self priming. No extra primers needed on metal roofing surfaces, except where rust is present.
  • Superb adhesion. Does not peel or bubble if suitable preparation is carried out.
  • Easy application. Single pack, low viscosity and very simple to apply by airless sprayer, or brush.
  • High solar reflectivity. The silver colour helps reduce building temerature in summer conditions.
  • UV stable. Withstands prolonged severe UV radiation.
  • Rust protection. Provides superior protection from rusting and considerably extends the roof life.
  • Still the Number One Commercial Roof Coating. Tried and Proven since the 1950's in NZ.
  • Manufactured in New Zealand  

Applicator services available in Auckland and Christchurch. For other areas please enquire.


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